Pipa, the elegant and harmonious shape, inspired by the form of a pipe, adds a distinctive and refined touch to its design. This is a lamp for gardens and outdoor spaces, it can be also used indoors to create bright installations to decorate and give a natural touch to the environment.

The delicate and non-invasive personality of PIPA integrates seamlessly into green surroundings, highlighting light as the main protagonist.

PIPA’s versatility is evident in its practicality and functionality, allowing installations at different heights and in various colors.

  • CURRENT : 700mA
  • POWER : 3W

Its graceful shape gives this device a not intrusive figure that is integrated into the green making light become the absolute protagonist. Flowerbell is practical, functional and versatile, it can be installed in different colours and heights creating captivating configurations. Designed for gardens and outdoor spaces, it can also…

In PLG every project counts. Our company gives the right value to every type of request, on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solutions also creating specific and unique products that best meet different lighting needs.

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