New product : Micro Joy

Micro Joy: our smallest and most discreet spotlight, studied and designed specifically for display cases and shop windows where, thanks to its extremely small size, it is almost invisible.

The special joint allows maximum adjustability of the Micro Joy, thus ensuring an always precise and accurate beam of light.
Elegant, minimalist and refined design enclosed in a device of a few millimeters entirely in anodized aluminum and completely made in Italy

The LED technology combined with the use of the highest quality components and multiple optics ensures an effficient lighting , enhancing the details of the exhibits in the best way possible.

Minimal, compact, very small, adjustable for 360°, anti-glare thanks to the backward optic. Optimal solution for an accent lighting of showcases, shops and expositive spaces. In these contexts, also with general light, thanks to the different optics available for this device, it is possible to exalt details of objects exhibited.

Adjustable spotlight with joint for directing the light beam in different directions. With refined and elegant design, it is perfectly integrated into the environment where it is installed without being intrusive. Suitable for lighting of display cases and cabinets where it highly enhances details and particulars of the object exhibited.

In PLG every project counts. Our company gives the right value to every type of request, on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solutions also creating specific and unique products that best meet different lighting needs.