Mini Lychee

A diffused and soft light is transmitted through the exclusive lens that frames an anodized aluminium body, supported by a slender and delicate copper or brass rod that remember the stem of plants and flowers recalling nature to which “Mini Lychee” is inspired.

Harmony, elegance and simplicity, a one-of-a-kind projector created to embellish refined and elegant outdoor and indoor environments such as gardens and terraces, living areas of restaurants, hotels and private houses.

Taking advantage of the different heights available and the multiple optional LED colors, you can create imaginative and unique compositions. In combination with our decorative garden products such as Pin, Stelo and Maxi Stelo, you can compose a scenographic mix without limits,certainly impactful and exclusive

  • CURRENT: 350mA
  • POWER: 1W

In PLG every project counts. Our company gives the right value to every type of request, on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solutions also creating specific and unique products that best meet different lighting needs.

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