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Mini Glicine pattern: bollard version.

Mini Glicine, the smaller version of Glicine, the refined family, available in different models, all for outdoors.

These lamps are inspired by the homonymous ornamental plant with lively cluster flowers from which it inherits the elegance and the ability to enrich gardens, paths, terraces and outdoor spaces by creating suggestive luminous scenographies. In a play of lights and shadows generated by its tipical pattern that characterize the cylindrical structure that protects the LED light source.

The multiple installation possibilities, combined with different color finishes and optional textures, undoubtedly make Mini Glicine pattern an extremely versatile product whose only limit is creativity.

  • CURRENT: 24V
  • POWER: 9W


In this bollard version, the different textures of the basket generate a unique play of light and shadow on the illuminated surface. Fixing with stainless steel spike or aluminum base

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