New product : Pennisetum

Delicate and slender LED decorative lamp, its thin profile that integrates naturally into external areas. During the day PENNISETUM blends delicately into the surrounding environment at night it generates a soft, diffused and scenographic light
point. The painted brass and methacrylate structure guarantees durability and functionality. “Pennisetum” is available in different heights and can be installed with a stake in gardens, bushes and shrubs but also in terraces, porches and living areas, guaranteeing an always unique scenographic mix.

lamp led pennisetum
lamp led bambù
lamp led pennisetum

Minimalist design and simple appearance for this delicate and slender LED light which naturally integrates itself in outdoor areas. During the day STELO discreetly blends itself with the environment; during the night it creates soft, diffused and scenographic light spots. The painted brass structure guarantees functionality and durability. Ideal for gardens, bushes and shrubs but also for terraces, porches and living areas

In PLG every project counts. Our company gives the right value to every type of request, on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solutions also creating specific and unique products that best meet different lighting needs.

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