Koala collection

Koala: our family of indoor led lights, the perfect solution for lighting environments and architectures that require effective, targeted and impactful lighting without sacrificing the flexibility and elegance of a product that blends well in the surrounding environment.
Retail, commercial and exhibition activities are among the most suitable applications for this product which makes elegance and versatility its key words.

The entire collection has been completely renewed: a new modern, refined and minimalist design, new color finishes, materials and components of the highest quality and latest generation light sources. All these combine aesthetics, high performance and maximum lighting efficiency which have always distinguished all our products, strictly made in Italy

Thanks to the many and different installation possibilities, which range from applique, to ceiling recessed, as well as track system, Koala is undoubtedly an extremely flexible, versatile product : its only limit of use is creativity.

Standard finishes

Finishes on request

Koala a : ceiling and wall surface installation , equipped with one, two or three independently adjustable projectors

Koala rt : ceiling and wall recessed installation

Koala b 48V , Koala twin 48V , Koala b :

track installation