History at the service of light

We live in the lighting world from fourty years: our history is the best warranty of the high quality of PLG’s products, while passion, care and attention have always been our job’s features.

We moved our first steps producing lighting and scenic effects for show business, emerging among the best producers in Europe and in the world and distinguishing us for professionalism and competence.

Thanks to our experience and our natural inclination towards innovation and research, we were one of the first companies to use an innovative and evolving technology as the LED, even establishing ourselves in the architectural, residential, industrial and landscape field.

In the last years we gave light even to those branches less covered by the market, lighting and giving value to the sacred art, to jewelleries and museums’ showcases and displays, coture’s (high fashion) stores and to fountains and pools’ water.

Extraordinary lighting solutions

From our passionate care an extended and always more complete range of extraordinary lighting solutions both from functional and aesthetic point of view was born, they integrate seamlessly in the most different contexts of our daily lives.

We were born to service light, we use the best materials and the most advanced technologies to restyle spaces with light, we give new shape and shades to buildings creating suggestive and scenographic spaces.

Made in Italy

An important value we don’t want to turn down “Made in Italy”.

Our company is part of a bigger and more complex reality to which we are strictly tied: our territory, a constant inspiration to create always new devices with a charming and innovative design, well balanced with the surrounding, decorating it.

The planning and the entire production cycle take place in our company premises in Italy.

Our company is perfectly inserted in the Italian industrial tradition, recognised in the world for the high quality and the aesthetic sense.

Quality in details

We are careful to details: we accurately select the best materials on the market. Not only LED’s with high power and chromatic performance but also the best aluminium and the best inox steel, rigorously AISI 316L.

We dedicate great attention to raw material’s quality, to the components and their technical features to be sure, over time, our products keep intact the appearance and their lighting properties.

The extreme care in the realization of PLG’s devices, make us synonymous of security, efficacy and resistance, even in the most extreme situations.


In PLG s.r.l. we have only one target: to achieve products of the highest quality that are increasingly technologically well performing to better answer to the needs of out customers.

This is the reason why a careful electronic, optical and mechanical research is a fundamental part of our job.

The planning of every product starts from a clear study of the light and of its aim: in this way we optimise the performance and the efficiency.

We plan our units to better satisfy users’ needs but also to work following high professionalism, design and technological standards.

According to the EN 13032 regulation, in our lighting laboratory, we measure and record, using an affidable and high precision goniophotometer, light intensity distribuition of any type of lighting device and of any kind of lighting source.


Precision and Meticulousness

The manufacturing process of the raw materials, the mechanical and electronical planning, the whole painting process (in powder or liquid) – from washing to drying in the oven – are entirely made, with precision and meticulousness, in the company’s premises.

Only in this way we can better handle producing times and methods and keep the qualitative control of all manufacturing phases guaranteeing high quality standards.

Before being put on the market, every PLG branded product is tested and submitted to rigid evaluations so that the light source can work in the best conditions and reach excellence in terms of reliability, functionality and safety.

The perfect light for every need

Our company gives the right value to every customer’s request: the on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solution also realising unique and specific device that can better answer to the different lighting needs.

In PLG every project counts.

Our experts team is always willing to provide a continuous and attentive support, from planning stage to the after sale.