Koala collection

Koala: our family of indoor led lights, the perfect solution for lighting environments and architectures that require effective, targeted and impactful lighting without sacrificing the…

Panda collection

Panda: the new, innovative and wide family of indoor led lights, studied, designed and developed specifically to be a perfect solution for indoor environments :…

New product : Super Jolly

Recessed drive-over spotlight completely made in anodized aluminium. Grazing light emission. Perfect to give light to avenues, gardens, carries. They can indicate the path to…

New product : Radente

“Radente” has been studied and designed to give light to outdoor spaces such as avenues, gardens, terraces and walkways, projecting diffused, uniform and grazing light…

Foxy collection

Range of indoor led devices completely in painted aluminum, adjustable, efficient and extremely compact in size.

Completely made in Inox Steel AISI 316L

Outdoor devices completely made in inox steel AISI 316L. Discover the collection

New product : Foxy

Indoor led device completely in painted aluminum, adjustable, efficient and extremely compact in size SCOPRI IL PRODOTTO

Nose collection

Nose collection
Discover the new collection of products for indoor and outdoor lighting with a discreet, elegant and essential design

New product : Tondo

Adjustable circular outdoor spotlight with an essential, minimalist and modern design. The fully adjustable structure combined with the variety of optics available, make “Tondo” a…

New product : Maxi Stelo

Minimalist design and simple appearance for this delicate and slender LED light which naturally integrates itself in outdoor areas. During the day MAXI STELO discreetly…

New Product : Flat

The extremely thin profile of only 8mm, combined with the elegance of a geometric and essential design, makes “Flat” a discreet, contemporary and refined solution…

New product : Sottile

Outdoor and indoor wall recessed IP65 steplight. The slim profile with an elegant, minimal and modern design, combined with a soft and diffused light emission…