Calla arco

Calla arco is undoubtedly a product that also fits perfectly in private residences, commercial premises and refined environments in which, thanks to its elegant and timeless design, it represents a decorative and functional furnishing.The Calla family is available in multiple color finishes, different installation possibilities and a variety of optics, always guaranteeing maximum versatility and flexibility even in the largest and most diversified projects.

The harmony of the shapes and the delicate and elegant profile of the lighting body give this new family of P.L.G lamps a unique and refined personality, perfect for embellishing outdoor environments such as gardens, walkways, terraces and prestigious buildings with modern and suggestive light scenes.

Calla arco : Fixing with stainless steel spike or on the floor with aluminium base and optional outer case. Available in two different lengths.

  • CURRENT: 250mA
  • POWER: 9W


In PLG every project counts. Our company gives the right value to every type of request, on-site production allows us to be flexible and to find optimal solutions also creating specific and unique products that best meet different lighting needs.

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